Trainer’s Bio

Jim Dieter 
  • Executive Director and co-founder of the Asset Leadership Network
  • Internationally respected asset management leader and strategist
  • ANSI Head of US Delegation to ISO TC 251 for the development of ISO 55000 Asset Management Systems
  • Developer of seven ASTM International Asset Management technical standards
  • Asset Management Consultant with experience in multiple sectors
  • Business and relationship development leader
  • Influential speaker and presenter
  • Skilled educator and trainer
  • Successful project and account manager
  • Asset management software and systems expert
  • Value creator

Boyd Beal 
  • Certified – ALN A55K Professional Certification since 2018
  • Certified  Maintenance  &  Reliability  Professional  since  2002
  • Institute  of  Asset  Management  Member  since  2008
  • Contributor  and  Reviewer  IAM  Asset  Information,  Strategy,  Standards & Data Management  Version  1.1  October  2015
  • Contributor  and  Reviewer to the 2016 Subject Specific Guide to ISO-55001. CPRA SSG – Contingency Planning and Resilience Analysis.
  • Contributor and Reviewer in the creation of the Andrew James Advisory Group’s “ISO 55000/1/2 Coursework for Asset Leadership Network (ALN) A55K Professional Certification”.
  • Southern  Illinois  University  at  Carbondale  –  Received  Bachelor  of  Science  in Electronics  Management
  • Senior Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Master Data Management (MDM) Process Improvement Business Analyst/Change Management Advisor with over 35 years of diverse experience working and consulting in Operations and Maintenance organizations in the Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Aeronautics, Utility (Nuclear & Fossil), DOD/DOE, Metals, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, E-commerce, and Plastics industries with both discrete (equipment) and linear assets.
  • Leading MDM Workshops where MDM and MDG Opportunity assessment surveys were conducted to determine policies, strategies and plans readiness, establish a detailed SOW and a forced ranking detailed roadmap for implementation.

Lindsay Ziegler 
  • Expert in cross-functional business process analysis and improvement
  • Focus on eliminating organizational silos to improve results
  • Training materials development and delivery 
  • Design, planning, and management of business and financial systems across project life cycles 
  • Background in financial systems, insurance, and water utilities
  • International project management experience
  • Professional trainer including technical / software, management, and insurance
  • Member, Asset Leadership Network (ALN) 
  • ISO 55000 A55K (ALN) certified
  • Certified Model-Netics® Instructor 
  • BS, Purdue University, Computer Science
  • MBA (Global Executive), Duke University